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About Competitive Intelligence

Survival in a commercial market depends on being capable of forecasting a given development, exploring the potential of different choices, considering possible reactions of other agents to our actions. This is what Competitive Intelligence (CI) in trade and export is all about.

It boils down to activities such as: assessing the competition of other companies in the same sector; finding new potential suppliers; understanding the relevant regulations in new markets or simply detecting new business opportunities.

The fundamental idea in which CITEX materials are based is that Intelligence is a discipline on its own right and it can be defined with two dimensions: as a process and as a product. The first dimension defines Intelligence as the systematic process of collecting, processing and analyzing information in order to obtain the meaning of what is happening within a domain of the world at a given time. The second dimension tells us that the result of that process is a report containing distilled and perishable information oriented towards reducing the uncertainty with which decision-makers are confronted when having to make a decision. The ultimate objective of consuming Intelligence is, therefore, to provide decision-makers with timely, relevant and useful information to support their strategic decisions.

Competitive Intelligence, in this context, should be the application of the methodology, processes and principles of Intelligence to obtain information about markets, products, competitors, legal requirements, etc., in order to support business-related strategic planning.

A central function within the process of producing Intelligence is the analysis of the information. Analysis is not merely reorganizing data and information into a new format, but the process of applying reasoning and analytical techniques in order to reveal to a decision-maker the underlying significance of selected target information. A good analysis (together with good information gathered) is what makes a good quality report and therefore, truly helps the decision-making. The training that CITEX will produce will be designed to provide analysts with the right knowledge, skills and competencies to produce good Intelligence.

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